is your business a
profit making machine?

what is the
profit making machine framework?

Discover how the Profit Making Machine Framework can help shape your company into an efficient, competitive and profitable machine. By implementing the framework into your business' DNA, you will be ready to
(re)Design your business model, continuously Nurture it and monitor the results so you can adjust or Abort your model.

Stop being consumed by the daily issues of your business and becom a "lean and mean Profit Making Machine."

Profit making machine

Find out all about the brand new profit making machine framework here. Learn about the different components and discover how the canvas works.

our approach

Techtomar can help you through workshops, consultancy tracks, sessions and meetings. Find out here how that works and what we can do for you.


Feel free to download the Profit Making Machine poster and canvas. Both are offered freely in high resolution for you to print and work with.

we validate your business model

Design your Profit Making Machine, nurture it and validate.

When we started Techtomar, we were already convinced that our main reason for existing was the combined passion for business, business modelling and technology. However, we soon found out that the existing methods, canvasses and design models were not bringing us the insights we were looking for. And though one can learn a lot from a SWOT analysis, the Pareto principle or the business model canvas (be it the original one or the lean canvas), we were missing a coherent story and logical flow.

That is why we developed the Profit Making Machine Framework. It is a new way of analysing your business and fine tuning your activities. It is the base for all the projects we do for our customers. We help companies to implement the Profit Making Machine into their business DNA through 3 important pillars: design their Profit Making Machine, implement nurture sprints and organize abort meetings (DNA: Design – Nurture – Abort).

Find out more on how we do this on our approach page. In short, we design, monitor and validate your business model.


When you combine the skills and competences of Leiv and Wouter, you get a unique combination of tech savviness and business wisdom. Add some crazyness, enthusiasm and curiosity, and you should almost be able to grasp what you can expect from Techtomar. There is one more very important thing: these guys are real no-nonsense problem solvers. With an open and non-conformistic mindset they will help you create your unique business model. You will love it!
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Wouter holds degrees in law, general management and public management. He has +10 years experience as manager, member of the board and CEO of a technology company. He is also a renowned trainer and keynote speaker.
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Leiv Hendrickx

Leiv has a background in marketing and communications. He has +15 years experience as CEO of a web development agency and IT consultant in a large number of SME’s and enterprises. He has a true passion for web technology and tech pre-sales.


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