We won’t come and tell you how to run your business or what your decisions should be. Our goal is to assist you in correctly using and implementing the Profit Making Machine in your business DNA. Because every situation is different, we create tailor made projects for our customers. That is why we ask you to contact us so that we can make you a personalised quotation. As consultants, we can assist you in the following roles.

Design Validators

An important part of the design fase, is the validation with your customers and prospects. Typically, we do this by performing in-depth-interviews. You can of course organise and do them yourself, but it is important to note that people are less inclined to consider the interview a hidden sales pitch when the interviews are done by an external party. You can hire us to prepare and perform these interviews. After the interviews we can also assist you in consolidating the feedback from the interviews, come up with new ideas and create a plan of action.

Nurture Scrum Masters

As you can read in the explanation about the Profit Making Machine Framework, we recommend that after the design and setup of your Profit Making Machine, you create a solid nurture plan. This is done by studying the 6 PROFIT components on a regular basis, ideally in an agile method (Scrum). We recommend to set up a sprint cycle of 1 component per week, so 6 consecutive weeks, and an evalution the 7th week. You can count on us to help you create this sprint planning, set up the teams needed for these sprints and lead the evalution meetings.

Abort Meeting Leaders

A third an crucial part of a good implementation of the Profit Making Machine is the “abort meeting”. This meeting is organised with the purpose of deciding whether to continue the project or pull the plug. To be able to make this decision in an intelligent manner, an abort meeting needs numbers and figures. We will help you to create a dashboard with KPI’s, we will figure out together how this data can be gathered and what is the best way to visualise them. Next to this we will guide the abort meetings, be the critical external party by asking questions about the project but also about the KPI’s themselves (are these the right inidicators, are they gathered in the correct way, etc.), create new ideas and when needed create an action plan.