Case study: iText Group

iText Group NV is the Ghent (BE) based company that developed the Java library “iText” thus offering developers an open source library to process PDF files. The company won, amongs other awards, the Belcham Entrepreneurship Award in the category “Most promising Company of the Year” in 2014 and was named the fastest growing company in[…]

turn your employees into lighthouses

Business model transformation according to KMPG

Last week an article in the Make & Process Magazine by CxO caught my attention. Titled “Turn your employees into lighthouses”, Bart Walterus, partner at KPMG, sheds his light on the disruption of business models. In the interview Bart Walterus gives 5 causes for business model transformation. Speed and availability of information, amongs other reasons because[…]

human reef

Case study: Human Reef

Human Reef was founded in 2015 by Els De Geyter. Human Reef focusses on companies that are looking to implement a completely new way of doing HR. According to Human Reef, we should not be thinking in terms of climbing the corporate ladder anymore, but we should be organising our co-workers in dynamic teams. By[…]

business model canvas time for something new

10 years after the Business Model Canvas, time for something new

7 differences between the Profit Making Machine and the Business Model Canvas It has been about 10 years ago now since Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur strated their conquest of the world with their Business Model Canvas. At the time when they launched their ground-breaking work around business modelling, no one could have guessed the[…]


5 reasons why constantly working on your business strategy is important

A lot of companies are still guided by daily worries, gut feeling of the entrepreneur or by questions asked by customers. Some companies have already heard of business strategy and organise a strategic management meeting once or twice a year. Usually, it is a comfy get-together somewhere away from the office, often guided by an[…]

some advice is priceless

How Techtomar helps you to build a profit making machine.

After introducing the Profit Making Machine Framework to the world last week, today we launch the offering Techtomar has created around that framework. Through trainings on one side and consultancy on the other, we want to help companies with implementing the Profit Making Machine Framework into their business DNA. Thanks to this approach companies are[…]