Business model transformation according to KMPG

Business model transformation according to KMPG

Last week an article in the Make & Process Magazine by CxO caught my attention. Titled “Turn your employees into lighthouses”, Bart Walterus, partner at KPMG, sheds his light on the disruption of business models.

In the interview Bart Walterus gives 5 causes for business model transformation.

  1. Speed and availability of information, amongs other reasons because of the success of mobile internet.
  2. Robotics, for example the implementation of chatbots.
  3. E-commerce, which has an impact on logistics and the flexibility of labor.
  4. High labor costs, which cause services to be moved to countries with lower labor costs.
  5. Hyper regulations, putting certain sectors under high pressure for extra efforts to avoid claims.
Bart Walterus - KMPG

Bart Walterus – KMPG

The impact of disruption doesn’t have to be a negative thing according to mr Walterus, but tranformation and continous adjustment are key. The world of technology enterprises is constantly challenged by newcomers, how might not even have a technological background. It is up to the technology sector to adapt and open up their platforms for these newcomers, thus evolving with them in stead of competing them.

Other sectors have similar challenges ahead. Especially in the world of finance and IT itself, this topic is daily reality.

But the biggest challenge is in the fact that employees should be at the stearing wheel themselves. Executive jobs will be automated more and more. Co-workers have to be part of the further development, take part in thinking about the future and take part in making decisions.

“Turn your employees into lighthouses that shine their light on the outside world. Many smaller lighthouses see more and are seen more than just one big one. They will help you avoid stranding the ship.”

And that is exactly what Techtomar is saying: turn your company into a Profit Making Machine: a sustainable, impactful and efficient organisation that develops strong business models, continously monitors them and adjusts them, dares to give up what is not performing well enough, so that only the strongest ideas stay alive and get the space they need to grow. You can’t do this alone, but should be done by involving your co-workers, giving them responsability and going for success together.

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