How Techtomar helps you to build a profit making machine.

How Techtomar helps you to build a profit making machine.

After introducing the Profit Making Machine Framework to the world last week, today we launch the offering Techtomar has created around that framework. Through trainings on one side and consultancy on the other, we want to help companies with implementing the Profit Making Machine Framework into their business DNA. Thanks to this approach companies are able to efficiently and continuously monitor and adjust their business strategy.


Techtomar organises on a regular basis open training session around the Profit Making Machine Framework. This training will give the participant a clear view on how the framework works, what it can do for him or her and how it can be implemented into their own organisation. You can find the detailed program here.

Early birds that book before the end of February will get a 50% discount. Discover the different dates and register via this link.


Companies that are convinced about the efficiency of the Profit Making Machine Framework and want to implement it even faster, can count on the consultancy services offered by Techtomar. After an assessment, it quickly becomes clear what the shortest way to having your own Profit Making Machine is. Companies can choose from a series of dedicated workshops and consultancy trajectories built on the Design, Nurture and Abort (DNA) ideas.

KMO Portefeuille

Techtomar is a KMO Portefeuille recognised supplier for both pillars “advice” and “training”. KMO Portefeuille is a subsidy granted by the Flemish government for SME’s who have their offices in Flanders. For more details on this subsidy, we kindly refer you to their website.

Registration number “Advies”: DV.A218348
Registration number “Opleiding”: DV.O217904


The video below clearly demonstrates why companies can only be sucessful when they are able to adapt quickly and often. “The Lean Startup” is 1 of the books that inspired us when creating the Profit Making Machine Framework, together with concepts such as LEAN, Agile, SCRUM, Business Model Canvas, Six Sigma, Canban and many others.


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