Is your business a Profit Making Machine?

Is your business a Profit Making Machine?

It is not an easy task to survive as a company in a hyper competitive and fast changing environment. You really need a structural approach when it comes to your strategy and business model. To help you do this, the consultancy agency Techtomar from Aalst (BE) created the ‘Profit Making Machine Framework’. Integrating this framework into your business DNA will help you develop strong business models (Design), keep the models healthy (Nurture) and monitor the results, adjust the models based on these results or even take the decision to stop the project (Abort).

is your business a profit making machineThe people behind Techtomar, Wouter Danckaert and Leiv Hendrickx, have been active in the start-up scene for quite some time now. After both leaving the University of Ghents spin-off company Inside Matters in 2015, they launched their consultancy agency Techtomar in March 2016. With this company they assist mainly technology companies in their quest for a strong business model that matches with an existing need in the market.

Next to fullfilling projects for customers, Wouter and Leiv also took the time during the last year to look for a model that would help them in their projects. After a lot of studying, going to conferences and trainings in Belgium and abroad and having talked to company leaders as well as thought leaders, they worked on their own approach. This resulted in the ‘Profit Making Machine Framework’.profit making machine canvas

Using the Profit Making Machine Framework, Techtomar wants to help companies to become sustainable organisations (Profit). Companies can achieve this by creating products and/or services that have a real impact on their target group (Making) and through efficiently using technology which is taking a more central role in any sector or industry (Machine).

The framework brings insights into the status of an organisation through a logical, mechanical flow. Filling in the canvas will provide with a clear image of the current situation, but this of course is only a snapshot. Ideally the Profit Making Machine Framework should be embedded in the business DNA of the organisation. The first step during which the framework is used, is the creation of a new business model or  the critical review of the current business model (Design). The next step is nurturing the model in a structural way by setting up 6 or 12 weeks sprints during which each element of the framework is revisited one by one (Nurture). Finally, it is very important to monitor the results of the activities to make sure they live up to the expactations. Based on these results, the model should be adapted or the project might even be terminated (Abort).

The Profit Making Machine Framework can be downloaded from the Techtomar website and is distributed under the Creative Commons license. Those who need support in implementing the model in their organisation can contact Techtomar for assitance.

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